Posted by: shannonorr | January 29, 2014

Keeping Warm Inside

Despite the chill of the polar vortex outside, we have been having a lot of fun exploring new activities inside. The children have been exploring dinosaurs, which is always one of the most popular work areas. The younger children always enjoy learning the names of different dinosaurs and the older children have been combining reading and writing to craft sentences about them. Another new work area explores the culture of the North American continent. We were also happy to celebrate a half birthday – children with summer birthdays get the opportunity to celebrate their half birthday with their friends at school. During our birthday celebrations a candle is placed in the middle of the floor to represent the sun. And the child walks around the candle, one complete circle for each year. The child also gets to share a personal photo to represent each year. This is a wonderful chance to celebrate growing up.

We are definitely hoping for some warmer weather next week!