Posted by: aksankovich | August 23, 2015

Welcome Back to School!

The classroom was buzzing with excitement this week as we welcomed new and returning students to the 2015-2016 school year. Our Kindergartners have been wonderful role models for the younger children as we review how to learn in a Montessori environment. Rolling rugs, practicing circle time, and exploring the practical life shelves are just the beginning for what is proving to be a wonderful year for both students and teachers.

This is a special year for the BGECLC as our very first elementary students started 1st grade with Miss Laura! Our Lower Elementary students are excited about the new units offered in 1st grade.


The student above is working on addition problems and the student below is reviewing teen numbers.


This summer, Miss Abby began Spanish immersion lessons at lunchtime. We are excited for this program to continue into the school year. Miss Abby has been reviewing basic vocabulary like food names, colors, numbers, and basic phrases.


¡Los estudiantes están aprendiendo los colores en español!

IMG_1086 IMG_1083 IMG_1085Our youngest child practicing table cleaning!


We are looking forward to a wonderful year!