Elementary Program

The elementary curriculum covers the following subject areas: language arts, math, history, geography, science, music and art.  The students use materials that are extensions of those found in the preschool environment and kindergarten environment as they move from the concrete to the abstract.

The Montessori elementary program fosters respect for each other, their environment and the world.

For the Elementary child, Dr. Montessori wrote, “the power of imagination is what educates.” The direct focus of the classroom is on developing understanding of concepts rather than rote memorization.  The indirect focus is to develop a life long love of learning.  Students are supported to work at their own abilities – those who need extra time to master a concept can take their time, while those who are ready to move ahead and able to do so.

With an emphasis on the joys of learning, there is no standardized testing at NWO Montessori, however our lower elementary teacher has received training in the common core standards – you can rest assured that your child will be prepared to transition to a traditional public school after 5th grade.

An important part of the Montessori elementary classroom is the multi-age group. We take great pride in watching our students transition to leadership roles within the classroom, an opportunity to develop self-confidence and assurance as they begin to serve as role models to the younger students.

Questions about our elementary program?  Contact us at nwomontessoritours@gmail.com with questions or to set up a tour.