Posted by: shannonorr | September 9, 2013

STEM was great!

This past weekend, we participated in STEM. It was so much fun, and it was so great to see so many alumni that stopped by to visit.
We are so grateful for a wonderful, supportive community.

Posted by: shannonorr | September 4, 2013

Our New Community

We are on week three of our brand new school year. Things are going great! Our community is coming together well. Our returning students are being very positive role models for our new students. We are learning the classroom rules and showing respect and consideration for others.

Posted by: shannonorr | August 19, 2013

Looking forward to the new school year

We are busy getting ready for the new school year.  We can’t wait to welcome our new students to the classroom.  Best wishes to our former kindergartners who are getting ready to start grade 1 at five different elementary schools in Bowling Green!

Posted by: shannonorr | June 24, 2013

Picnic Last Friday!

The children enjoyed picnicking at our center. It is so convenient to finish lunch and then enjoy playing on our wonderful playground. The children have fun riding bikes, playing in the sand box, or just sitting under shade trees in the grass!

Posted by: shannonorr | May 7, 2013

Fun with Optics

The children enjoyed exploring optics with Dr. Marco a physicist at BGSU. They experimented with prisms, light and rainbows. Science sure was colorful and fun today.

Posted by: shannonorr | April 13, 2013

The Linus Project

April 2013

The children have been hard at work making blankets for the Linus Project in Bowling Green.  The children have enjoyed being able to give back to the local community.  At the same time making the blankets has been an exercise in time management, working as a team and fine motor development; and of course FUN!

Working as a team.

Working as a team.

So much focus.

So much focus.

The children are so proud of their hard work!

The children are so proud of their hard work!

February 2013

The children are packing up the classroom to move to our new home at the Jordan Center!

Labeling the boxes

Labeling the boxes


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